University Park in Lima

The University Park of Lima is one of the most traditional parks in the Historic City of Lima. It is located between the avenues Abancay and Nicolás de Piérola, in front of the old building of the Ministry of Education.

The name ‘University’ refers to the Historic Building of the National University of San Marcos, which was until the middle of the nineteenth century, the premises of the Convictory of San Carlos, one of the ideological cradles of the Peruvian independence movement.

Next to the ‘Casona’ is the Pantheon of the Independence Heroes that keeps the remains of several heroes of the national independence as: Mariano Necochea, Hipólito Unanue and Ramón Castilla.

Within the Park there are monuments of illustrious San Marcos faculty such as Hipólito Unanue, Sebastián Lorente and Bartolomé Herrera, which give the place an intellectual air.

Also the German Tower is there, a gift of the German residents to Peru by the celebration of the centenary of the independence in 1921. The clock of the tower used to play the National Anthem when it marked the 12:00 and the 18:00.

In the park dozens of cats that accompany the visitors that feed and caress them, these friendly cats give an air of vitality to the space, and keep it free of pigeons and other vermin.

It is best to visit the park early in the morning, when there is not much traffic and many people. Thus you can enjoy the architecture and monuments quietly.

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