Aymara Dancers in Puno, Perú

They dance no only for a big celebration, but even for a sunny sunday morning to honour the god Sun his ancestors have worshipped since immemorial days, long before spanish conquerors arrived to this lands, aymara women and men dance to show their joy and gratitude for living. 

The aymaras are an ancient culture established in the Altiplano between Perú and Bolivia, they are brave people who defended his traditions in front of the Incas and Spanish invasions, and they keep several of them even in the present, integrated within the ones their conquerors imposed them. They live on he shores of the sacred Lake Titicaca and are skilled fishermen and farmers.

Best time to visit them is in end of January for the “Virgen de la Candelaria” celebrations, main city Puno receives thousands of dancers from Perú and Bolivia and the town becomes a huge party that seems never to end.


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