The last Inka’s fortress

This is Ollantaytambo, the place where Manco Inca resisted the Spanish conquerors that invaded Inka’s world, destroyed their culture and teared up their ancient cities.

Attack after attack, spaniards struggled to take the city and an the heroic Manco Inca honored this way the legacy of his ancestor Pachacútec the most brilliant warrior and governor of the Inka’s.

The city was never taken by force, no matter the superiority on the invaders both in technology and in resources, no fire weapons or horses could defeat the will of Manco Inca and his warriors, the same will Leónidas had in Thermopylae when a bunch of greeks humiliated the whole Persian army.

Ollantaytambo’s ruined walls still resemble a mountain, a sacred mountain where the last Inkas did their final heroic act to honor the ashes of what was once the biggest and most brilliant civilization in South America.

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